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One Lap of America – Part 2: The Parts

Posted in muscle cars, One Lap of America by MrAngry | March 19th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Charger Parts

The 2010 One Lap of America is rapidly approaching which means I’ve got a crap load of work to do on the old Charger. Yesterday was a good day as I got most of my parts, but now comes the exciting part of installing everything. The Charger as a whole is in pretty good shape but definitely needs some TLC before we leave for the event on April 28th. Over the past 6 years I beat this car to death mercilessly on racetracks, on the auto cross and on the street… in short, I drive the crap out of this thing. What this means is that parts wear out, things sometimes leak and performance drops. This cannot happen on an event like the One Lap of America.


When making my checklist we went over the car from front to back and found a few issues that were of some concern. First off my suspension was pretty well worn out. It’s been about 30 thousand miles since I did anything to it so it was definitely in need of a refresh. Keep in mind now that there is nothing exotic under this car. It still runs the factory torsion bar set up, there are still big ole’ leaf springs out back and shocks are off the shelf Edelbrock units that anyone with a muscle car can buy. Granted, the brakes, both front and rear have been beefed up, I added a Gear Vendor overdrive unit for highway cruising and a bunch of interior modifications like extra power ports, satellite radio, navigation and a Valentine One radar detector (this thing rules). Otherwise though this car is still pretty similar to how it left the factory in 1968. The weekend up hear in the northeast is supposed to be pretty damn amazing, but instead of driving, we’ll be prepping the old boy for another 4000 miles. Keep your fingers crossed for us because there’s a lot of work to do and not much time to do it.

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