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One Lap of America – Day 4: Mid-America and NO problems!

Posted in One Lap of America by MrAngry | May 3rd, 2010 | 3 Responses |

One Lap of America

Every now and then the planets align in the correct formation and all goes right with the world, such was the case this afternoon. We arrived at Mid America Motor Sports complex at about 9 am with the Charger running beautifully. The new fuel pump was installed and tested and It was also a bright and sunny day in the mid-70’s… perfect track weather. From a spectator point of view, Mid America is a great track because it’s completely flat and you can see everything. Since the track is not overly technical it’s a great place to test out the basic handling manners of your car.

One Lap of America

My buddy Chris was driving today which for me was a big thing as I had never let anyone else drive my car on the track. We met 3 years ago on another rally where I had seen him sling his 1977 Trans Am around Moroso Motor Sports Park in Florida. Driving regular cars quickly is one thing, but driving a 42 year old muscle car fast is a totally different story. Chris went out on track and proceeded to click off three great laps. He was smooth and the car looked and performed great which obviously kept my heart at ease.

One Lap of America

The cars were broken into groups based on how they performed during the previous days events. Porsche’s, Corvette’s, Vipers and even a wicked Mazda 5 mini-van (yes, I said minivan) all went out and tore up the track together.

One Lap of America

As it was now day 4 the competitors themselves were also starting to loosen up and mingle a bit more amoungst themselves, it was great. Another thing to consider is that it doesn’t matter what you drive as cars from every automotive genre are represented on the One Lap.

One Lap of America

It’s now 7:38 pm and we’re currently trucking through Kansas on our way to Hallet Motor Racing Circut in Jennings, Oklahoma for tomorrow’s event. We have 167 miles to go and the sun is just starting to set in what can only be described as “God’s Country”. Cruising threw it now, in a vintage American muscle car, makes this experience the perfect end to a perfect day.

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3 Responses

  1. kristy&marg says:

    keep on going guys your doing really well, we are both proud of you chris, love mum& wifey xxxx

  2. ErnieO says:

    Oh Yeah it’s now going to be fun for a change. This should be a good day for your Charger.

    Hope the planets keep aligning for you we have had enough drama so far.

  3. Pontiacmaniac94 says:

    So what highway are you taking through KS? 69? 35? 70?

    Good luck, enjoying reading up on your adventure