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Old vs New: Part III – Crash Tests

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Crash Tests

Crumple zones, airbags, safety glass, safety restraint systems and crash test dummies. These are all the things that help keep you and your families safe without you even knowing it when you’re driving along blindly to your favorite destination. All of these items though require the infamous crash test to make sure they work in conjunction with each other. Back in the day, the 1930’s and 1940’s, very few automobiles were actually put through the rigors of crash testing. However once the 1950’s hit, everything changed. Pioneers like Volvo and Mercedes-Benz helped paved the way for safer automobiles. However, there are those who still think the old stuff is tougher than anything made in the last 40-years. Therefore, the following video is dedicated to them… enjoy.

Source: Streetfire.net

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