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Old Man With Lightsaber Hates Citroen C15

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Vader Hate Citroen C15

Not long ago, in a town not too far from where you live, there was a minor traffic altercation that involved an old man, a tractor and a 1984 Citroen C15. From what I can gather the old man (probably Darth Vader’s distant relative) blocked the road with his tractor which apparently annoyed the Citroen’s owner as he was not allowed to pass. Now, instead of just moving the tractor like a normal person would do, Geriatric Darth decides to unleash his inner dark side in an attempt to make a statement. Little does he know that the owner of the Citroen has no intention of giving in to his demands. Thus an epic battle to determine who has the right of way ensues. It’s a classic tale of good verses evil and right verses wrong and in the end, there can be only one winner. Click through to find out who is victorious.

*Hat Tip to VWVortex.com.

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