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Ohio Jackass Plays Stuntman: Jumps from Car to Semi Truck

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The Fast and the Furious

If you’re into cars then you’ve no doubt seen the Fast and the Furious movies. In these adrenaline filled petrol fueled pieces of entertainment we are treated to stunts galore as cars are raced, blown-up and the characters perform all sorts of insane stunts. Now it seems that some drunk dopey-ass kid in Ohio felt the need to play Vin Diesel and recreate one of the movies stunts on his own. 24 year old Brandon Farmer of Ohio had apparently been drinking when his friends dared him to climb onto the back of a tractor trailer. Not wanting to let his friends down and look like a wuss, Brandon did as he was told but then found himself in quite a predicament.

You see once this bonehead got onto the truck the truck took off down U.S. Rte. 22 and Brandon had no way of getting off. So he did what any drunk jackass on the back of a moving semi would do… he called the cops for help. Brandon was then arrested by Sabina, Ohio Sheriff Vernon Stanforth and charged with disorderly conduct. Like I said… Jackass.

Source: msnbc.com

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