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OH THE HUMANITY! Customization Results in Tragic Death of ’96 Accord.

Posted in eBay Motors, Honda, Used Cars by MrAngry | January 24th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

Ok fine… I’ll admit it; there are times when I can be a total prick when it comes to cars. This however only takes place when I find them offensive. Take this 1996 Honda Accord that is currently listed on eBay for example – it offends me. Not so much because of what it is, but because of what was done to it. One day 14 years ago this little Accord rolled off the assembly line with the dream of making someone very happy. It was filled with the hopes of serving as reliable transportation to an individual or family. All the right attributes were there. A peppy 4-cylinder engine, great fuel economy and most of all Honda’s legendary reliability.

But then somewhere along its lifetime this little Honda went astray… it was corrupted by the powers that be and turned to the dark side of the force. It’s a story we’ve heard a thousand times before and one that ends just as tragically. First an aftermarket stereo was added, then speakers and boombastic’ amp. Rims and tires where next (non-matching), followed by the flatulent sounds of an aftermarket exhaust system (muffler only)… now, it was only a matter of time.

Next was the addition of a non-painted body kit, aftermarket seats and the ever-present super sized rear wing that does absolutely nothing. But this wasn’t good enough… it wanted more. Non-racing, racing seats (purchased second hand) were added in conjunction with harnesses that were installed incorrectly. But tragically the final nail in the coffin came by way of a weapon that is like a mistress to a politician… the Sawzall. The final breath of the little Accord took place when it’s sunroof, the virtual window to the cars soul, was cut out and cast aside like a piece of everyday trash. Left now is only a shell of a once reliable family sedan. Its good intentions squandered and it’s dreams crushed under the heel of an amateur customizer.

We now bid you farewell “Little Honda that Could” and wish you bliss in the automotive afterlife… Vios Con Dios little Honda… Vios Con Dios…

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4 Responses

  1. brownrice says:

    ok, i’ll give you the freakin’ welded sunroof, mismatching rims, and unpainted bodykit, but crying about an aftermarket radio system is just whining. If you don’t like customizing cars, you are on the wrong website. I like all types of vehicle worlds. Some i don’t get (like drifting) but i still respect and enjoy. Does this care demand respect, HELL NO! But whine about aftermarket anything? That is unnecessary as well.

  2. MrAngry says:

    I’m all for customizing AS LONG AS IT IS DONE CORRECTLY. Everything on this car was done as an afterthought and absolutely nothing works. Read the description again Einstein…

    “It has a VIS carbon fiber trunk lid that needs the latch mount fiberglassed back on that goes with the car(not on the car right now). The trunk lid that is on the car now is metal and has a large arospeed drag wing mounted on it. The side mirrors have LED turn signals in them but are not connected and the headlights have been changed to Angel Eye’s. It has a Rockford Fosgate dry cell battery but i think it needs to be replaced. It has manual locks and manual windows. The driver side front door and back door window cranks are broken inside the door.. But you can get that cheap at a junk yard. Also the driver back door needs to be tinted due to someone breaking into the car a few years back. The SRS light is on because it has a MOMO Steering wheel so there is no factory steering wheel airbag. The check engine light came on when the fuel rail and cold air intake was put on. The code reads something to do with air fuel mixture. I think i still have the factory fuel rail but i know i dont have the factory air box.”

  3. Kurt says:

    LOL, “science fun experiments that YOU can do at home…”

    I never understood the logic behind rear wings on front wheel drive cars. I can’t think of a situation where I’d want less traction on my driven wheels.

  4. Deeks says:

    I dont see much beef,what are u a grampa. the point of doing this to a car is to make it lighter handle better hence some suspension, and to ad stuff that make the car better overall than stock. The rims, the roof, welded for mor roof and monocoque stability, the rims wider, and smaller profile tires for less flubbery bouncing, and the wing for downforce. so who pissed in your weedies, what do you have a stupid mustang and your jealous. Eat a dick fuckface