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Oddball Fantasy: Ducati 999 Beach Racer.

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Ducati 999 Beach Racer

When one thinks of Ducati, the last thing they usually think about is heading off-road. I mean lets face it, Ducati’s are meant to be sliding around corners dragging foot pegs, not gallivanting along fire roads, beaches and dirt bike tracks. One dealership located down in New Zealand though has a bike on display that is like no Ducati I have ever seen. My initial reaction is that someone stacked a 2003 Ducati 999 and then decided to have a little fun with what they had leftover.

Ducati 999 Beach Racer

Modifications to the 999 from stock include the following:
Nemesis race ECU, custom wiring loom, waterproof front-mounted ECU and battery case, custom race exhaust, rear wheel modified for 150 section 17″ knobbly, crash bars/rad protectors, mx top clamp and bars and quick action throttle. Dyno-tuned by Triple Z Motorcycles.

Ducati 999 Beach Racer

Over the years I’ve had a bunch of Ducati’s pass through my garage, some better than others. Yet with everyone that I’ve possessed their key feature is that they always have the ability to stir the soul. Now, is this particular one way out on the edge? Hell yeah it is, but for some reason it works and works beautifully. Just think about pulling into your local bike hangout with this thing and seeing the reactions that you’d get. In my opinion, it would be a total blast and therefore I give this Ducati 999 Beach Racer two big thumbs up.

Source: Trademe.co.nz

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