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Octo-Rod Interior Revealed!

Posted in 24 Hours of LeMons, Bizarre, Car Tech, DIY by Dustin Driver | December 8th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Not long ago, this eight-legged beast lurched forth from the tumultuous waters of eBay, snarling and shaking decades of dust from its fiberglass coat. It was soon subdued by 24 Hour of LeMons racer Speedycop, who shipped it from its lair in Iowa to his workshop in Maryland. The car was pretty much a mystery when it was first spotted on eBay. The listing featured less than a dozen low-res pictures and a vague description. We knew it had two Mazda rotary engines, two Jaguar differentials, and eight four-lug wheels. Now the thing’s secrets have been revealed. It’s built with heavy-gauge two-inch square steel tubing and ultra-thick fiberglass. Its rotaries are packed with performance parts and its interior is festooned with blinking lights and gauges. The total cost for this work of automotive art? $4900 and change.

Speedycop’s site has crumbled under the tremendous weight of knowledge-hungry hoons, but the photos are still available¬†here. I’ve posted a few here to help lighten the load.

According to Speedycop:

It’s absurdly over-engineered, and in the best possible ways. I’m guessing the builder was an aircraft engineer, in addition to being a talented master fabricator, as many of the bolts are drilled and wired to prevent movement…The bare gullwing steel door frames are so heavy, I doubt most people could open them while seated in the car! I’ll have to rig up a strut system to assist in entry/egress. The giant hood probably weighs over 300 pounds by itself, and the trunk isn’t much lighter. The fiberglass is thick enough to walk on!

Two-inch, heavy-gauge steel tubing ties it all together.

Dual Mazda 12A Rotaries provide torque-free power.

Banks and banks of blinking lights. What do they all mean?

Speedycop plans to race the monster in the 24 Hours of LeMons. The judges, likely regretfully, have given him a free pass due to the vehicles sheer awesomeness. God speed, Speedycop. God speed.

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