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NYC Council is One Step Closer to making Congestion Free Zone in Manhattan

Posted in Emissions, General, Legal, Traffic by will bee | April 2nd, 2008 | 1 Response |

The news has come out of AutoBlogGreen that the New York City Council has voted 30 to 20 to make part of Manhattan a congestion free driving area. Fees will be levied upon those who drive into Manhattan south of 60th Street, and even parking meters will be getting in on the increase. The next hurdle for the NYC Council will be getting the Senate to pass the bill “empowering” them to enforce the resolution.

As if the costs of being in the Big Apple were not enough, now the City Council will be looking to cash in on those doing business within its grasp to the tune of $491 million – potentially. The collection of those fees is said to be designated toward improving transit and presumably public transportation as a lot more foot traffic will be making its way into the Congestion Zone of Manhattan.

If anyone has a handle on fee structures it would certainly be the NYC Council as they have discovered a way to tack a fee on everything. Pretty soon your shoes may be taxed for increasing traffic South of 60th Street in Manhattan.

Get a Sneak Peek at the Daily Congestion Free Fee structure after the leap.

Daily Congestion Free Fee’s
Cars – $8
Low Emission Vehicle – $7
Trucks – $21
Motorcycles/Scooters – $4
No EZPass Fee – $1
Taxi Ride (In/Out) – $1

However, it seems that they have left-out Helicopter traffic over the skyline of Manhattan. Will the wealthy be looking to skirt the Congestion Free Zone by ‘Copter-pulling their executives in from the surrounding boroughs? …Yeah, unlikely.

Those living in the Congestion Free Zone will not be exempt from the Daily Congestion Fee’s either. They will be paying like everyone else for the travels and for their parking. It seems you have to take the Perks along with the Penalties for living in Manhattan.


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  1. Dr. John Bacher says:

    By your irresponsible advocay, you people are contributing to a potential catastrohpe from climate change.