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New York to Los Angeles… BY TAXI!?!

Posted in Best of, Funny, General, News, Newsworthy, Videos by MrAngry | April 28th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

NY to LA by Taxi Cab

For some, taking a trip from New York to Los Angeles is as simple as booking a flight, heading to the airport and then arriving safely at LAX a mere 5 hours later. For others like John Belitsky of Leonia, N.J. though, taking the simple route is simply no fun. You see Belitsky and friend Dan Wuebben decided to do this trip on a whim, but in order to do it, there was one little catch… they had to find a New York City cab driver to take them. At first, most NYC cabbies just laughed them off when they were presented with the idea of driving 3000 miles straight, however one driver, cabby Mohammed Alam, agreed to take them for the sum of $5,000.00. Belitsky who is an investment banker got the idea to run across the country in a cab to pay tribute to his father, a former cab driver, but neither he, nor driver Mohammed Alam was prepared for what turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime. Click through for the video.

Source: CNN.com

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2 Responses

  1. The Ass Cab says:

    Not original—This has been done a few times before. I bet these ass pirates had a grand old time on this road trip together. MrAngry, why did you turn down their offer to be the third passenger?