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Now Is The Time: Ducati Needs To Bring Back The Scrambler

Posted in Motorcycle, Roads, Scooters, Sportbikes, Traffic by Vito Rispo | December 27th, 2008 | 3 Responses |

The Scrambler was one of the most popular Ducati’s of all time. From 1961 to 1974, you could have gone to a Ducati dealer and picked up a relatively inexpensive, high quality Ducati bike almost purpose built for the city commuter. Think of it like a Ducati version of the Honda CB250 Nighthawk. It had that timeless aesthetic, it was extremely comfortable, and it had just enough power to zip you around at a reasonable speed. It was Ducati’s version of a “people’s bike”.

But then, 1974 rolls around and POOF, the Scrambler disappears from the Ducati lineup, never to return. I have no idea what they were thinking, I’m sure they had a good reason at the time, but since then, Ducati has only built relatively large engined bikes. The displacement of thier bikes seems to have grown every year since then. Right now, the cheapest Ducati you can buy is the fairly bulky, almost $10k, Monster 696, a fine bike in it’s own right, but not the sort of thing you go zipping around the city on as your daily commuter; not like the Scrambler was.

Read on and check out some pictures of the Ducati Scrambler:

Ducati has completely ignored the small engine end of the market. The point is, they need to bring back the small engine Scrambler. The large displacement bikes are great, I love them, I’ve admitted my love of Ducati many times… but I don’t always want to be crouched over the tank with a severe kink in my wrists at 110mph, not always. Sometimes I want to sit upright and go 30mph and wave to girls, and I’d like to do it on a Ducati.

There are pragmatic reasons too though. Look at the success of the SportClassic line; since Ducati released the throwback cafe racer styled SportClassics, they’ve sold like hotcakes, and it’s because of the styling. A modern version of the Scrambler would have almost that same look, although it’d be less bulky, less powerful, less expensive, and thus, more accessible to the masses. You’d see college kids riding their Scrambler to class and downtown packed with young businesspeople on Scramblers. It would be a golden business move, to get the Ducati name flashburned into mind of future riders with the Scrambler. Then one day down the line when they can afford a higher quality bike, they pick up a GT 1000 or a 1198. Do it to it, Ducati; Let’s see a 2010 Scrambler.

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3 Responses

  1. DaleFurman says:

    Dear Sirs,
    My first ride was a 1961 Ducati 299 Scrambler. So sorry I sold it… Bring back the Single Cylinder Scrambler!!!

  2. DaleFurman says:

    Sorry, A typo… A 200 Scrambler

  3. jegier more says:

    i like this bike….