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No toy shall be left behind!

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Prevost Motor Coach

Going to the racetrack to have some track day fun can sometimes be a daunting task. If you’re like me the one problem that pops up immediately is that if you drive your car to the track you run the risk of stacking it, and thus being left stranded at the track hundreds of miles from home. Thankfully eBay has provided us with a solution to this problem by showcasing the ultimate in race day travel accommodations and automobile transport. What you are seeing here is a 2007 Prevost motor coach that has been decked out with just about every high-end option known to man. Not too long ago I drove a similar motor coach up from Florida and I have to say that these machines are a true wonder of modern engineering. Basically it’s like taking your house and every toy you own on a big road trip.

Prevost Motor Coach

Prevost Coaches are just about the best in the business from a ride quality, reliability and construction standpoint. Couple in all the options like the Sub Zero refrigerator, leather option, heat sensitive mattress in the master bedroom, ground effects lighting, HDTV A/V system with 45″ & 37″ LCD TVs and drop-in glass sinks glass shower door (just to name a few) and you’ve got a rig that lets you cruise for months at a time in complete style and comfort. Oh yes and don’t forget about the 25ft custom-painted competitive 2 car stacker trailer that will make sure that no toy is left behind.

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