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No Surprise: Lamborghini’s Sales Declined Last Year

Posted in auto industry, General, Lamborghini by Kurt Ernst | March 11th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Things are tough all over these days, including things at Lamborghini. Hit hard by the global recession, the companies sales plummeted nearly 38% in 2009, resulting in a pretax loss of $47.6 million. Unit sales fell from 2,430 in 2008 to 1,515 in 2009.

Ironically, most of Lamborghini’s customers work in banking and finance. Declining profits (and public outcry) reduced many of the sizable bonuses often paid to senior banking executives, forcing Lamborghini order cancellations worldwide. Not to mention the fact that it’s in poor taste to drive a Lambo when your brother / sister / best friend is being foreclosed upon. Especially when its your bank doing the foreclosure.

But, hey, there’s some good news here, too. Want to order a new Gallardo in time for your high school reunion? Want that new Murcielago to impress your secretary at the Christmas party? Chin up, Mr. Big Spender; the waiting time for a new Lambo is down to six months. No word if they’re going to join GM, Ford and Toyota in offering 0% financing, though.

Source: MotorAuthority

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