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No, Seriously: You Want How Much For This V-Rod?

Posted in Bizarre, FAIL, Harley Davidson, Motorcycle by Kurt Ernst | October 26th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

A while back we told you about a one-off Harley Davidson that was being painted by Jack Armstrong for Bartel’s Harley-Davidson (the Harley Dealer to the Stars!). Bartels is asking a cool million dollars for the bike, which is the only one that Armstrong will ever paint, for which I’m extremely thankful. Here it is in all of its dribble-painted glory, complete with sea sponges glued to the tank and flyscreen. If a 10 year old did this for an art class project art, his best hope would be a C- if the teacher was particularly kind. It’s art, so you’re really not supposed to understand it.

If you visit Bartels in the near future, you can probably gaze upon the wonder that is the Cosmic Starship Harley, but touching it is reserved for Lady GaGa, Scarlett Johansson or Sylvester Stallone. Surprisingly, RuPaul didn’t make the cut but Lorenzo Lamas did, since he got tasked with riding the bike up the red carpet. I’m guessing he had a long discussion with his agent afterward, because I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be seen anywhere near this thing. What a waste of a perfectly good V-Rod.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

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