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No Change at LeMans

Posted in Audi by davidallen | June 18th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

If we were to go on what was happening and qualifying and the practices runs for the world famous LeMans 24 Hour race in France, we could have been fooled into thinking that the Audi who have dominated the race since the year 2000, would be looking at a real threat from French car maker Peugeot.


The Peugeot 908 has got some serious speed built into it, which is what made everyone believe that this year would see the Audi’s struggle, yet the race was influenced by some poor weather conditions, which saw one of the Audi’s hit the barrier due to the rain and the other lost a wheel, the race should have been Peugeots for the taking, but one of the two cars had to stop due to a problem with oil pressure.


Finally as the race began to wind down, it was clear that the one remaining Audi being run by Audi Sport North America and that has been driven superbly by Pirro, Werner and Biela was on the road to victory and actually as the clock counted down was in fact over ten laps ahead of the chasing Peugeot.

24 Hours of Le Mans results (Top Ten) :

Pos.- # – Class – Drivers – Team – Car – Laps:
1. 1 LMP1 Biela, Pirro, Werner Audi Sport North America Audi R10 TDI 369
2. 8 LMP1 Sarrazin, Lamy, Bourdais Team Peugeot Total Peugeot 908 359
3. 16 LMP1 Collard, Boullion, Dumas Pescarolo Sport Pescarolo-Judd 01 357
4. 18 LMP1 Short, Barbosa, Hall Rollcentre Racing Pescarolo-Judd 01 347
5. 009 LMGT1 Turner, Brabham, Rydell Team Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin DBR9 342
6. 63 LMGT1 Fellows, O’Connell, Magnussen Team Corvette Racing Corvette C6-R 6:08.031
7. 008 LMGT1 Bouchut, Gollin, Elgaard AMR Larbre Competition Aston Martin DBR9 341
8. 15 LMP1 Charouz, Yoong, Mucke Charouz Racing System Lola-Judd B07-17 337
9. 007 LMGT1 Herbert, Enge, Kox Team Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin DBR9 1:46.406
10. 54 LMGT1 Prost, Groppi, Belloc Team Oreca Saleen S7R 336

In all, the race had no shocks and defiantly no surprises, how long can the Audi domination of the race continue?

Source [Auto Blog]

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