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NJ To Require Warning Labels On New Drivers

Posted in driving, General, Newsworthy, Traffic by Kurt Ernst | March 25th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Photo: Autoblog

Well, actually on their license plates. New to driving in the Garden State? Under 21 years of age? Under a new law, you’ll have to affix a red sticker to the upper left corner of your front and rear license plates. You get to pay for it, too – an extra $4.00 plus a trip to your friendly local DMV office. For those of you who’ve never lived in New Jersey, a trip to the DMV is slightly less enjoyable than double root canal, without anesthesia, while simultaneously passing a kidney stone the size of a basketball.

Backers of the new law say it will help reduce accidents by warning other drivers in traffic to expect the unexpected. It will also help police to enforce laws such as the 11:00 PM curfew for new drivers and limits to the number of passengers with new drivers.

Opponents say that teen drivers could become the target of criminals, rapists, ne’er-do-wells and aliens looking to harvest organs. Me? I’d like to see the same thing for drivers who talk or text on their cell phones while attempting to drive.

Source: Autoblog

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