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NJ Police Issue 700+ Tickets In Crosswalk Violation Crackdown

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All across South Jersey, police are targeting motorists who fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. To date, over 700 tickets have been issued to drivers in Cherry Hill, Collingswood, Pennsauken, and Burlington City, and vehicles have begun slowing down to as little as 50 mph before blowing by the foot traffic. Eventually police aim to have them coming to a complete stop, but that plan seems optimistic at best.

“We are going to continue our efforts,” said an ambitious Capt. Richard Sarlow of the Collingswood Police Department. “We will be putting out additional patrols. We have been enlightened to a big problem and we plan on taking it very seriously here.” Continued Capt. Sarlow, “We’re not happy about giving summons out but when you have people that totally ignore pedestrians in a crosswalk that’s a problem.”

Conversely, although the safety of pedestrians relies heavily on the cooperation of motorists, it is imperative that pedestrians exercise common sense when preparing to cross. Most of the busiest crosswalks are equipped with signals that indicate when it is safe to walk, and they should be regarded with the same authority as traffic lights. For those of you with a diminished capacity to process multisyllabic words, that basically means: if the screen is flashing a big red hand, that clearly means you SHOULD NOT CROSS. If you don’t see any vehicles coming and decide to cross anyway, don’t get pissed off and swear a blue streak at the car that comes flying down the road and almost hits you because they have the right of way, your dumb ass should have been waiting on the sidewalk.

Source: DelawareOnline

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