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Nissan will take advanced orders on LEAF Electric this August.

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Nissan LEAF

It seems that Nissan is now ready to jump into the electric car fray with the new “LEAF” Zero Emissions Vehicle. Right off the bat the little Nissan gets some points. It’s good looking for a compact has room for four and has an 80% charge rate of about 30 minutes. The problem however is the range, as it tops out at 100 miles on a single charge. Not good if you’re planning a weekend road trip.

Nissan LEAF

All electric cars produced thus far have two inherent flaws… price and range. Right now Nissan says the LEAF will cost about as much as a typical family sedan, which, in my estimation is at least $25,000. Keep in mind though, that that $25,000 will only get you a car that goes 100 miles on a single charge.

Nissan LEAF

This leads us to problem number 2 – the range. 100 miles on a single charge is not very far, hell I do that almost every time I get in the car. Add to that the issue that this is not a plug and play machine and that you’ll need to hit up a specialized charging station after 90 minutes of continuous driving. The only other electric car sold today, the Tesla has a range of over 200 miles, but it also costs 4 times what the LEAF is advertised at and has two fewer seats.

Nissan LEAF

One thing that I do find interesting is that, according to Business Week, Nissan will begin taking orders for the new LEAF this coming August. This is before the car is ready for production, before a recharging infrastructure is in place and before consumers get a chance to test-drive one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for electric cars I just think before a company like Nissan takes your money they’ve got A LOT of issues that need to be addressed so their customers aren’t left stranded.

Source: Business Week

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