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Nissan Settles GT-R Launch Control Class Action Lawsuit

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2009 Nissan GT-R

If you were the first guy who fragged his GT-R transmission by using “Launch Control” with the VDC turned off, congratulations. Nissan will be buying you a new transmission and paying for your legal fees; the check for $31,500 is probably already in the mail.

For the rest of the GT-R owners with blown transmissions due to the whole Launch Control / VDC off situation, it sucks to be you. As reported on Jalopnik, you won’t be getting a new gearbox, but when you pay to replace it on your own, Nissan will reflash the shift logic free of charge. For your trouble, you’ll also get a $75 coupon, that’s good at ANY Nissan dealer. Think of all the oil filters and crush washers you can buy with $75!

If you own a 2009 Nissan GT-R and haven’t yet grenaded the gearbox, Nissan will reflash the shift logic for you free of charge, and you still get the $75 coupon. Of course the new shift logic neuters your ability to launch the car, but it will prevent you from destroying a transmission that costs as much as a base Miata.

If you’re still not happy, you can opt out of the settlement by notifying Nissan in writing, but then you get the pleasure of hiring your own attorney to pursue legal action against Nissan. If you win, the best you can hope for is a new transmission and legal fees. If you lose, chances are good that the cost of a new GT-R gearbox will seem reasonable compared to the bill your lawyer hands you. Sometimes the best option is just the least worst one.

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