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Nissan Releases Sketches Of New Global Micro Compact

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Contrary to what the illustration may suggest this is not your 16-year-old cousin’s rendering of a Versa, it’s Thailand’s new “Eco-Car.” Circulated this morning accompanied by an extremely brief press release, the Nissan depicted above (and below the jump) is our first glimpse of Nissan’s new global compact car that will make its inaugural debut in Thailand in March 2010. Eventually, Nissan will introduce the new micro compact to 150 different countries, presumably including the U.S.

For the time being, we know little else about Nissan’s new go kart save for the fact that we DO NOT WANT, but we expect more information to drop when the Tokyo Motor Show kicks off later this month. If our sense aren’t too offended, we just might share it with you.

Source: Nissan

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