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Nissan Plays Close To The Vest, Quietly Developing New Battery

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Less than a year away from the launch of the much gossiped-about Nissan Leaf EV, rumors abound that Nissan is busy at work with a new, lighter, more efficient battery pack. Unlike Chevy, who releases a press release about as often as the average citizen has a bowel movement, Nissan has remained relatively tight-lipped regarding their new electric vehicle and as a result has lent the entire project an air of mystery. Thanks to this intentional game of playing coy, Nissan has managed to generate more interest in the Leaf (at least from the RL camp) than I ever thought possible. The basic information that’s been provided does not hint at a performance-oriented vehicle by any stretch of the term, which would usually earn it an immediate dismissal, but something about Nissan’s subtle approach suggests the Leaf is something to be watched. Further reinforcing this belief is the aforementioned report that surfaced today concerning Nissan’s new battery pack. Since the technology is still struggling through rather primitive stages of development Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn stressed that the lighter, more efficient pack wouldn’t appear in the Leaf until a few years down the road but when it does, it will bring with it a significant cost and weight reduction.

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