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Nissan Plans 143,000 Vehicle Recall For Tire Pressure Monitor Defect

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Nissan Murano, 2009

These are some dark days in the Land of the Rising Sun. Following Toyota’s set of fairly serious problems comes Nissan’s announcement regarding a potential recall of roughly 143,000 cars. While no official recall will be issued until November, the NHTSA is still expressing public concern over a defect in its tire-pressure monitoring system. Apparently, heavy concentrations of road salt may cause the bolt in the system to corrode and crack, which could in turn cause it to become dislodged from the sensory device it pins together. Should this happen and the driver fails to acknowledge the tire monitoring system warning lamp that Nissan claims will light up, the driver could experience an unexpected flat tire that could possibly result in an accident.

Nissan also claims that the likelihood of this happening is “negligible,” but the NHTSA is not one to hedge their bets and Nissan is expected to being notifying dealers of the recall on November 6 and owners on November 9. An official list of the impacted vehicles will be published along with the recall next month but Nissan has already begun circulating a tentative list that includes the 2008 Nissan Rogue, 2009 Nissan Murano, 2009 Nissan Cube, and the 2008-10 Infiniti M35s and M45s.

Source: AutoNews

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