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Nissan Leaf EV Expected To Draw 20,000 Initial Orders

Posted in Alt Fuels, Nissan by Suzanne Denbow | October 2nd, 2009 | 1 Response |


As you may or may not recall, in early August Nissan lifted the cover off perhaps one of their biggest contenders yet, the 2011 Nissan Leaf EV. Unlike the perpetually unfinished Chevy Volt (as well as roughly 95% of all vehicle currently bearing the EV badge), the Leaf EV was introduced to the public in completely production-ready form and Nissan boldly proclaimed it’d be ready to hit U.S. lots in mid-2010.

Today, Nissan further upped the ante with the announcement that thanks to overwhelming consumer demand and the apparent death of fun, they expect to receive upwards of 20,000 orders when dealers begin taking preliminary bids in spring 2010. Shortly thereafter, Chevy is expected to announce the addition of super crime-fighting powers to the Volt.

Source: Edmunds

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  1. Despite Carlos Ghosn’s skepticism, earlier this decade, towards hybrids and (pure) electric-powered automobiles, the engineers at Nissan have stepped up; and done their job – big time.

    The LEAF promises to be a break-through machine, the first mass produced electric car of the 21st Century to actually gain market share on any significance. Of course, it helps that places such as Seattle, are putting in the chargers needed to make the concept work; outgoing mayor Greg Nickels, lost the primary in August; but did a few things right.

    Too bad he wasn’t willing to salt the streets, last winter. But that’s another post.