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Nissan Land Glider Concept Gives One More Reason To Resist Green Movement


Appearing alongside Nissan’s highly publicized future production EV, the Leaf, at the Tokyo Motor Show in a few weeks will be another full-electric vehicle from the somewhat eccentric minds of Nissan known as the Land Glider Concept. Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and constructed using extremely lightweight materials, the Land Glider Concept is Nissan’s answer to the heavy congestion of city traffic. Not only does the basic construction of the Land Glider make maneuverability and storage relatively effortless, but the 1+1 seating configuration makes it slim enough to cut through the dense concentration of cars, bikes, and pedestrians that litter metropolitan areas.

To put it simply: the Land Glider Concept provides the same convenience (and roughly the same power) of a moped, it’s just a helluva lot fruitier.

Source: Nissan

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  1. Well, the Land Glider might work pretty well for the streets of Tokyo. Especially considering that the microcar concept is already firmly established there.

    While it might make a lot of sense for New York City, its driver would certainly have a hard time getting around without a certain amount of laughter directed at him or her. As for Los Angeles, don’t even think about it. Getting caught in traffic might be not so bad with the Land Glider; however, getting caught in Beverly Hills or east LA in the Land Glider would be akin to a Christian missionary getting caught in Malaysia.

    In Seattle, where the streets are narrow and the soon-to-be-former Mayor Greg Nickels was recently applauded at a conference of U.S. mayors for being greener than Kermit the frog, the Land Glider might find a ready market. Of course, that’s assuming you can get the REI types to trade in their Subarus.

    Ditto that for Berkeley CA or Ann Arbor MI. Nissan are you listening?