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Nissan GT-R Reviews

Posted in Nissan, Nissan GT-R by Ryan | May 25th, 2008 | 1 Response |

2009 nissan gtr reviews 2008

Reviews and impressions of the actual production US version of the 2009 Nissan GT-R are starting to come in. This is the real deal people. The GT-R that you and I can actually buy. Up until now the media has had access to prototypes and Japanese versions.

Before we jump into the various Nissan GT-R reviews that have appeared online, let’s try to arrive at a bullet point consensus.

  • Amazing track performance
  • Superior handling
  • Top notch acceleration and speed
  • About 17-18 mpg fuel efficiency (13-16 city and 20-23 highway)
  • Best bang for your super car buck.
  • Lacks some of the “soul” of other super cars like the Porsche 911
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Exterior lacks “look at me” ooomph
  • Interior lacks feel of luxury
  • Distinctively Japanese
  • Easiest performance car to drive
  • Targeting the video game generation
  • Drives “hard” for your typical daily drive

Now let’s move onto some of the reviews.

Road & Track Review of the Nissan GT-R

In what might be considered the most glowing review possible, Road & Track’s May 2008 edition includes a competition between the GT-R, the Porsche 911 and the Corvette Z06. As they say in their review, the Nissan GT-R Spanks the other two in terms of pure performance. However, in terms of the complete touring package, they still give the nod to the Porsche 911. The Nissan GT-R, they claim in their review, has noisy tires and and drives “harsh” as a daily ride. Still, the overwhelming impression I get from this review is “Buy! Buy! Buy!”

You can read the full Road & Track review here [Large PDF].

Jay Leno on the Nissan GT-R

The humor at the 3 minute mark in this video is just classic. You’ll have to watch and see. But Jay basically gives all of us guys the ultimate argument for justifying a Nissan GT-R purchase to our wives. As for his review, Jay Leno gushes about the GT-R as the first real Japanese supercar and has very, very little to say negatively. The general impression he gives in this video makes me want to buy one.

The Truth About Cars Reviews the Nissan GT-R

While giving the GT-R a rating of 4/5, Stephan Wilkinson manages to rip pretty heavily into the GT-R. Some people have called it nitpicking, and the 4/5 does seem to conflict a bit with his somewhat scathing editorial comments such as “She’s a great conversationalist, but her voice sounds like run-flat tires with three-inch sidewalls running over a concrete-aggregate rumble and tar-strip slap” and “the car world may have gone cuckoo for Coco Puffs over the GT-R but it’s ultimately a pointless, nerdy, twin-turbo, electronics-laden technological curiosity.” The overwhelming impression I get from this review is that as an everyday car, the Nissan GT-R will disappoint.

You can read the full Truth About Cars review here

Edmunds Reviews the Nissan GT-R

Edmunds seems to drive home the consensus view. On the positive side, the Nissan GT-R has record-breaking brake capacity, jaw-dropping and easy acceleration, and overall quality performance specs. On the negative side, it’s clunky at low speeds (stop and go traffic) and tends to be too quiet (lacks soul).

Despite the negative factors, Edmunds is an overall thumbs up review and while it’s not a “Buy! Buy! Buy!” it’s probably a “Buy, if you want supercar performance at a great price.”

You can read the entire review and also watch a video here

Stay tuned for more review summaries of the 2009 Nissan GT-R

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