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Nismo 370Z Pricing Announced for US

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nismo 2

$39,130 is what the newest hot Nismo version of Nissan’s revamed 370Z is going to set you back. Considering the regular Z starts at $29,930 and comes with 332 HP out of the box, what does the extra $9000 get you? First of all, you get all the cool Nismo external bits – the chin spoiler, side skirts, and a long nose for all the JDM fanboys to drool over. Also some 19″ RAYS wheels help with the straight-from-Japan aesthetic. What about power? Make the jump to find out.

nismo rear

For nine grand, you better get some extra ponies. The Nismo Z doesn’t disappoint, making 350 HP and 276 ft-lbs of torque pushed through a 6-speed transmission equipped with SynchroRev Match (blipping the throttle automatically during downshifts for effortless heel-toe style shifting). Helping the power get down to the pavement is a viscous LSD, and stopping is accomplished through Nissan sports brakes (possibly Brembo units).

nismo 1

Mmm. We want!

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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