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Nieman Marcus Limited-Edition Confederate Fighter Motorcycle: More From The Christmas Book

Posted in Bizarre, Motorcycle, Sportbikes by Vito Rispo | October 9th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Yet another limited edition bit of garage art from the pages of the Nieman Marcus Holiday Gift Guide. This years NM Christmas Book is chock full of high class fantasy ideas that no one can afford, like the special edition BMW 750Li and a million dollar backyard golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. It’s theater done for the image of Nieman Marcus.

Still, there’s a a motorbike in there that caught my eye, only $110,000 dollars. Nieman Marcus commissioned the Confederate Motor Company (CMC) to build 45 of these special bikes just for the catalog. They call it the Limited-Edition Confederate Fighter Motorcycle, and it looks like it’s at least partially based on CMC’s B120 Wraith bike, with a lot of design influences and what looks to be the same engine.

It looks like a straight line brute to me, and I’m more interested in taking corners quickly than blistering down a straightaway. In fact, great man once said: “Pure speed in sixth gear on a 5000-foot straightaway is one thing, but pure speed in third gear on a gravel-strewn downhill ess-turn is quite another.” But quality people own CMC bikes, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt…American Royalty; good looking people who matter; important people. That should count for something.

I’d rather have a Honda though.

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