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Next BMW M5 to Pack Twin Turbos for 600 HP?

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BMW’s looking to take on the newest Audi RS6 by producing a boosted version of the M5’s V10 motor, which sources say should make more than 600 HP. The new engine is said to be a development of the twin-turbo 4.4L V8 from the X6M, which makes 564 HP already. With two extra cylinders and the M division’s careful caressing, the newest M5 should be more than a match for the RS6’s bi-turbo V10, which makes 580 HP currently.

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In addition, the new M5 should be equipped with the KERS system borrowed from F1, which is short for “Kinetic Energy Recovery System.” Essentially, the new M5 will have regenerative brakes like a hybrid, which will store power that will be available for short bursts via a supercapacitor. Current systems produce a 80 HP boost for a maximum of about 7 seconds. That sounds like a lot of fun. This is a horsepower race that we fully support.

[Source: Auto Express]

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