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NEWS: Lexus HS250h recalled due to fuel leakage during crash tests.

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2010 Lexus H S250h

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division has just recalled 17,000 2010 model year Lexus HS 250h due to excessive fuel leakage during crash testing. The Lexus HS 250h is a car that we recently just reviewed at Ridelust.com and thankfully, during that time no one went up in smoke.

A press release with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states:

“As part of its annual compliance testing program, the NHTSA recently conducted a test of the 2010 model year HS 250h. The test involved striking the vehicle with a deformable barrier from the rear at approximately 50 mph. The vehicle is struck by a moving deformable barrier with a 70 percent overlap. As part of the test, the vehicle was then rotated on its longitudinal axis incrementally to each successive increment of 90 degrees. During the rotation, the vehicle exhibited fuel spillage that exceeded the requirement in the standard.”

So, if you happen to own one of these happy little hybrids it may behoove you to take that sucker in for some service before reports of Pinto like “BOOMS” start becoming daily news. You can find the full press release by clicking here.

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