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New York Artist Creates Hummer H2 Art Piece; Uses Depression Era as Inspiration

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Art. The reaction to that one word can be polarizing in today’s society, depending upon your social status or political aspirations. People who attend art expositions find modernized conceptual art inspirational, meaningful, and a way for the artist to express his or her viewpoint. Other individuals revile in modern art, because they see it as a waste of time, resources, and most of all money. To those on that side of the spectrum, get ready to be reviled.

New York artist Jeremy Dean got inspired reading about horse-drawn “Hoover carts” made during the Depression from old cars. You see, during the 30’s the Great Depression was ever deepening, and as the artist explained on his web site, “Indebted Americans defaulted on their loans worsening the depression and found themselves unable to pay for basic goods including gasoline, so their cars sat idle. The solution in the rural south became to cut the car in half, attach poles to the front and hitch it to a horse. The resulting contraption became known as a Hoover Cart after President Hoover who was blamed for the Depression.”

Dean then takes the logic of the past and put it in the context of our current economic and environmental disaster, and this is where Dean’s thinking goes somewhat awry, as he embraces a satirical prediction of the future: “Unless the US comes up with alternative fuel sources and rethink our reliance on a hyper inflated consumption based economy, there may be no other choice but to hook our cars up to a horse.”

And so he purchased a Hummer H2, which he felt became a symbol of America‚Äôs consumption, greed and arrogance, and chose to convert it to a horse cart. It will maintain all its over the top features: chrome, rims, GPS, working sound system, DVD player, and TV screens, only pulled by horses. If you want to read more, check out Jonny Lieberman’s article here, or go to Jeremy Dean’s website here.

BACK TO THE FUTURAMA from jeremy dean on Vimeo.

Image Source: Back to the Futurama; Autoblog; The Car Connection

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  1. Tossed Biotech Salad Eggwich xB Face says:

    From the first pic I thought it was going to be pretty cool. Then I saw the second pic of it behind the plastic horses. This man’s art is not subtle. Gack.