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New Tires Made Out of Oranges Save Gas

Posted in Bizarre, Car Tech, Environment, Fuel-efficient, Hybrid, Hybrid Technologies, Materials, Newsworthy, Science, Tires by Alex Kierstein | September 14th, 2009 | 3 Responses |


For all of you citrus-loving Prius owners out there, orange is the new green. Yokohama has developed a green, eco-friendly, gas-saving tire made out of oranges. Yup, those spherical objects that make your Orange Julius taste good and prevent scurvy are being recruited to help save the earth from performance driving. They’re called “db Super E-Specs” and they are most notable for replacing 80% of the synthetic, petroleum-based rubber in normal tire with a special compound made out of orange oil. If you really want to buff up on your green credentials, be sure to cover the back of your hybrid with pun-laden stickers that note that the Yokohamas are produced in a zero-emissions factory and have 10% less rolling resistance (we used to call rolling resistance “grip” before it became politically incorrect to have a car that could handle) than a conventional tire. What’s the catch? They cost a bit more, and they’re only made in three sizes that are compatible with several hybrid and compact cars. We assume they’ll stay in niche sizes, as we don’t know many hypermiling Nissan GTR owners.


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3 Responses

  1. Dustin May says:

    Just announced: The Ferrari 458 Italia will use tires which are 80% Agent Orange.

  2. Marc Sketchler says:

    Hey, I drive a Prius and my dad has an orange grove! These tires were made for me!

  3. Jim says:

    Yes, they will “handle”, they get stickier as you turn but not quite so sticky going in a straight line. Don’t act like the typical republican that spews hate and don’t even know the facts. Spewing hate is ok, if you at least know what the hell you’re talking about.