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New Roush Supercharger Pushes 2010 Mustang to 700 HP

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Along with Carroll Shelby and Steve Saleen; Jack Roush has spent years producing modified Mustangs for the masses.  Now for the latest pony car from Ford, Roush is offering up a supercharger kit that would make any backyard tuner giddy.  It’s the ROUSHcharger R2300 kit, and its the first supercharger from Roush that offers custom calibration.

2010 Roush Ford Mustang
2010 Roush Ford Mustang

Instead of a set power increase, this gives the owner greater tuning flexibility and the option of having between 525 and 700 horsepower, or at least 200 and potentially nearly 400 more horses than the stock V8.  The ROUSHcharger R2300 utilizes Eaton’s new Twin Vortices Series technology.  The patented design features a four-lobe rotor and high-flow inlet which enhances thermal efficiency, higher volume capacity, and higher operational speeds.  Big power, aftermarket Mustangs is nothing new.  But what makes this new supercharger even more attractive beyond these power gains and all that technical jargon is the ease of installation, which by all accounts is as simple as possible.  Utilizing a plug-and-play jumper harness, no wire splicing is required and all hardware, brackets, fasteners, and instructions are included.

The blower kit comes with a 2.3L TVS® supercharger with black finish, upper and lower intake manifolds, an intercooler, a low temp radiator, ROUSH cold air intake system, a dual 60mm electronic throttle body, a unique fuel rail with 52 lb/hr fuel injectors and a 1 year/ 12,ooo component warranty.  Not including installation, the kit costs $5899.

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