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New Renesis Engine? Direct Injection Twin-spark Patents Filed

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Mazda’s commitment to improving upon the Wankel rotary engine is impressive, as early teething problems and a fuel crisis almost killed it altogether. Now recently uncovered patent documents show that Mazda is preparing to upgrade the engine yet again with some neat tweaks likely to improve fuel economy, emissions, and best of all, power.

<i>Mazda's Renesis engine, used in the RX8.</i>

Mazda's Renesis engine, used in the RX8.

The patent documents show a twin-spark, direct injection design that industry insiders have been expecting for a while. The issue is that the combustion chamber of a rotary is large, and it is difficult to get the proper spread of combustion over the entire space in a uniform way – leading to imcomplete burning of fuel and more pollutants and wasted power. Using a direct injection system to more accurately meter the fuel, and a dual-spark ignition to allow for more precise combustion, should improve all aspects of the motor. The Renesis has already come a long way from the original Wankel’s issues. Should the new engine make it into the RX8 replacement, it should be an even greater improvement.

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