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New rear differential covers from Zingology put the “W” in WTF.

Posted in Bizarre, Custom by MrAngry | April 9th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Pumpkin Differential

If you’ve ever followed a lifted 4X4 down the road you’ve probably unknowingly stared at the cover that houses the rear differential. You may have not known what you were looking at but odds are you saw it. They usually come in one of two ways – either covered in road grime and leaking (this is the majority) or chrome plated. Sure, you sometimes get that individual that wants to stand out in the crowd by painting it, but the majority of them are like those previously described.

Gearhead Differential

Until recently the above mentioned covers were really the only two options if you wanted to play dress-up with your 4X4. Times are a changing though and the folks from Zingology think they have the answer to your custom woes. Sculpted by artist Raymond Gibby of Nobility Bronze these new differential covers are sure to give your 4×4 the new look and feel you may, or may not have been looking for.

Snake Head Differential

I suppose there is an appeal to these things, after all they are different. I think the biggest drawback to these would be having to answer all the questions that come with owning one. Like the title of the posts states, my first question would be WTF?

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