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New Mustang V6 gets 31 mpg: This changes everything.

Posted in auto industry, Ford, General, Mustang by MrAngry | March 4th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

God bless the Ford Motor Company. We’ve dealt with a lot of automotive garbage over the last year at the hands of U.S. auto manufactures. They’ve laid off thousands of workers, closed assembly plants and taken government bailout money.

Ford however has done the opposite. They posted profits for 2009 and never took a nickle from the government. They’re also introducing cars like the Fusion Hybrid and Ford Mustang V6 that are getting stellar reviews as well as fuel economy. For example the 2011 Mustang V6 is rated at 31 mpg and puts out an amazing 305 hp. That is a first for ANY V6 vehicle! Ladies and gentlemen that is a huge stake in the ground for Ford.

Not only that, but there are already more than 11,000 orders for these babies. We all know that the Mustang is already an automotive icon. To have it be the first V6 to deliver this kind of fuel economy and performance is not only a brilliant marketing tactic by Ford but something that helps generate some much needed positive energy for American auto manufactures. Way to go Ford!

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3 Responses

  1. The past few decades have been pretty dark for American autos. Honestly, I wouldn’t own any American car made in the last 20 years. But this. THIS. Ford is really stepping up. When the Mustang finally gets IRS, it’ll be unstoppable.

  2. Jim says:

    “…but something that helps generate some much needed positive energy for American auto manufactures.”

    But unfortunately, they absolutely destroyed any credibility for so long. It’s gonna take a LONG time to turn their public image around. Look at Microsoft.
    “It takes 20 years to build a reputation, 5 minutes to destroy one”
    -Warren Buffet
    They (domestic car makes) do the opposite. Take 20 years to destroy one, but expect to build one in 5 minutes. I commend Ford on not taking bailout money and this. But it’s a long road ahead to rebuild their reputation, for some (like me unfortunately), it’s irrecoverable. I won’t buy anything from the Big 3 ever again. But I may buy something from another domestic, if they open up a shop.

  3. Ben Stubbs says:

    1) This doesn’t change everything. The 2010 Camaro V6 changed everything. That was the FIRST modern pony car to offer acceptable performance with more than acceptable gas mileage.Do you remember when it was released last year? The V6 (and the V8) beat both Ford and Dodge in every performance test and did it with better gas mileage. I am not saying that this isn’t an incredible engineering feat, because it is, but they are following Chevy’s lead.

    2) Over the past year GM sold more Cobalts than Ford sold Focus’, more Malibus than Ford did Fusions, and more Impalas than Ford did Taurus’. Although Ford’s sales did grow more, GM still sold a higher quantity of automobiles and also posted a profit. GM’s old lineup outsold Ford’s brand new lineup. OUCH. The reason Ford didn’t need the bailout money is because Ford took a dump a few years back and started cutting brands back then. GM took a dump the same time as the economy and because of that was in a worse position.

    3)As for the government bailout money, this administration did the right thing. An intermediate macro-economic class could teach you that during this particular recession, an injection of government money into the economy was the best decision.

    4) I am a GM fanboy but I do love to see Ford doing well; American workers need all they can get right now. I just think this article is a little overzealous.