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New Mini gets highest score in Euro crash test

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The new mini 2 from luxury German car giant BMW has been awarded the highest score possible in the Euro NCAP crash test, the five star award was given for the excellent safety measures that the BMW design team have built into the car.


The tests consist of head on and side on impact crashes, yet considering the size of the car the results have been very favourable, meaning that in an pact the occupants of the mini have little or no risk of injury, this is a fantastic result for the car makers.

The main tests were, front impact deformation of which the car received 13 out of 16 points, side impact deformation,considered as the most serious for injury, the car was given 16 out of the 18 points available and the one that we always seem to see on the news, the offset frontal crash test, where the car is driven into a solid object, but the impact is only at one of the front corners, this test found that the passenger compartment was maintained.


For families who want to drive a small car the safety aspect is very impressive too, after the test the child safety result was above average, all in all the overall result was a resounding success for BMW and the new Mini 2.

First deliveries of the Mini 2 started in the UK in October 2006. The mini had launch engines which included the 1.6-litre petrol Cooper and the turbocharged 1.6-litre Cooper S. However there are plans to introduce a 1.4-litre Mini One will sometime in 2007. All minis except for the convertible come with six air bags.

Prices will start around £11,595 for the One, £12,995 for the Cooper and £15,995 for the range-topping Cooper S.

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