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New Images Of The McLaren P11 Hit The Web

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So some sneak pictures of the McLaren P11 hit the web and everyone is all aflutter with excitement. Apparently, in addtion to being plastered with CARMAGAZINE, the car also has no door handles or mirrors, and is entirely made of clay. Amazing.

That’s right, this picture that has everyone holding math books over their crotch is just a clay model. That means the image is, at most, a very rough outline of what the final P11 will look like. Also, according to CAR Magazine, ex-Fiat styling chief Frank Stephenson has yet to work on the design, so this car could look completely different by 2010.
Check out the pictures:

McLaren is aiming at the low end of the supercar market. They’ll essentially be trying to steal away customers from the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo. As for the specs, CAR Mag acts like they know the low down, but just about the only solid information around is that the P11 will have a Mercedes V8, maybe.

(via CAR Magazine)

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