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New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer and Information.

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That’s right, we’re posting another Gran Turismo 5 trailer for the simple reason that we think this stuff is downright cool. We also have some new information on the game as well. According to the guys at Autoblog.com who were lucky enough to play a beta version of the game, they’ve let us know that we as gamers can now look forward to the following. 1000 playable cars separated up into 2 segments. 200 premium models that are so highly detailed that the manufacturers won’t be able to separate them from the real thing, and 800 standard models. These are cars that you have seen in previous Gran Turismo releases but for GT5 have been given some updated graphics to blend with the new games overall look and feel.

There are also some new racetracks including the most anticipated one, the Top Gear test track. Now all of us auto-maniacs can pretend that we are in fact the Stig and get our jollies on one of the most famous TV race tracks of all time. There is also an updated version of the Nurburgring, a 2009 version of the track at LeMans, as well as a new photo mode with enhanced background customization. As mentioned in previous posts, we are anxiously awaiting the release of Gran Turismo 5 on November 2nd of this year so make sure to check us out after the release date for a full review.

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