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Transformers Unleashed on the Big Screen and Gaming World

Posted in General by will bee | June 10th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

As if the movie trailors have not done enough to excite anyone who grew up with the Transformers in the 80’s they are now reaching out to a new market: the Gamer. This summer a Transformers video game will be released for most game consoles.

Here is a look at the latest trailor for the game:

There may still not be too any cars on the road that transform into robots (that we KNOW of), but this game may provide for those who wish there were a taste of what it might be like. Ofcourse, if there are ever Transforming cars on the road I sure hope they are a little less violent.

For those who have not seen any yet, here is a trailor for the Transformers movie set for release on July 3rd:

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