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Toyota iQ Designs Own Font

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Toyota iQ Font

It’s small, cute and compact, is available only overseas, and is perfect for that urban dweller who calls the city their home. It’s the Toyota iQ, the fun little runabout that was introduced back in 2008 at the Geneva Auto Show. The iQ’s small stature means that parking is never a problem. It’s little 1.3-liter 97 hp inline-4 means that it’s good on gas and the fact that it has a wheelbase of only 78.7 inches means that it’s simply awesome at typography. Wait… what? Now this is where it gets fun. You see a couple of young typographers and a pro race driver thought it would be a neat idea to give the little iQ its own font style by using the car as the actual artist. Interactive artist Zachary Lieberman came up with the idea to track the cars movements by using custom software, thus enabling the driver to actually create a new font whilst being behind the wheel. The concept seems a bit out there at first, until that is, you see the result.

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