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New Fisker Karma Images Leaked Ahead Of Detroit Auto Show

Debuting about a month ahead of its scheduled appearance at the Detroit auto show in January, official images of the 2009 Fisker Karma (no, you’re not the only one thinks it sounds like “Fist ‘er Harda”) have been leaked onto the web. While this newest batch of images certainly gives us a generous eyeful of the luxury hybrid sedan’s sleek body, we’re disappointed that Fisker was stingy with the full frontal. For 2009, the Fisker Karma is supposed to have received a modest nose job, but the angles the ’09 Karma was posed at make it impossible to tell. Although typically known for borrowing underpinnings from both Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Fisker Automotive CEO Henry Fisker says the Fisker Karma is underpinned by a chassis completely unique in design.

The exclusivity is not limited to the architecture, however, and despite our predisposition to loathe nearly anything with a “Hybrid” tag, we’re head over heels for the Fisker Karma. Built on Fisker’s Q-DRIVE powertrain, the Fisker Karma is a full hybrid vehicle powered dually by an advanced lithium ion battery pack and a 4 cylinder engine. Sounds like your standard hybrid vehicle, but there’s a reason this $90k green machine is already sold out through mid-2010: Not only is the 2009 Fisker Karma expected to average 100 mpg and 620 miles per tank, it’s also capable of easily pushing the needle to 125 mph. As if that weren’t enough, Fisker also claims the ’09 Karma can do 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds. No, your Prius can’t do that.

Source: Jalopnik, LeftLaneNews

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