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New Chrysler Minivan Ads: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Posted in Bizarre, Cars, Chrysler, Dodge, General, Videos by Kurt Ernst | May 15th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

OK, so Chrysler wisely chose to drop the Jeep “iliveirideiam” ad campaign, which inspired absolutely no one to actually buy a Jeep and annoyed most of us. Now they’ve launched a series of really bizarre ads (more after the jump) for the Dodge Grand Caravan. I get the fact that the Caravan has FLO TV, voice activated nav and wireless internet, but is an acid-trip-fueled, thirty second ad spot the best way to highlight this? What’s next, midget transvestites play online poker in the Grand Caravan while an orchestra belts out the Highway To Hell and the ghost of Ricardo Montalban describes the soft Corinthian leather? Can you maybe try 10% less peyote and 30% more content for the next ad?

Chrysler, if you need ideas for an ad campaign, just hit me up. Once the “WTF?” novelty wears off, these will be as successful as the last Jeep ad. Maybe Toyota was on to something with their “Swagger Wagon” video after all.

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