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New Build or New Car? Help me decide…

Posted in Domestic Rides, Ford, General, muscle cars, Plymouth, Promoted, Rides by MrAngry | January 27th, 2011 | 13 Responses |

1968 Plymouth Barracuda

I’ve been slowly pondering taking on another project car and even though I know it’s probably a bad idea I just can’t help myself. You see I’ve been itching to build a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda notchback forever. Not only do I think that it would make a wicked fun daily driver, but it’s such an oddball car that I can’t help but love it. I’m thinking about going with a gloss silver body and red interior, 18-inch one off wheels and perhaps either 5.7-liter or 6.1-liter new style HEMI with fuel injection. I’ve seen a few conversions and aside from the electronics it really shouldn’t be too bad. I’m still not fully set on a transmission though. My Daytona runs a Kielser TKO-600 5-speed manual and truth be told, it’s not my favorite. My Charger on the other hand runs a torque-flite 727, backed up with a reverse manual valve body and gear vendor overdrive unit, a combination that I like very much.

2011 Ford Mustang GT

This is not going to be a full on runner and will not be tracked like my other cars, but I wouldn’t mind some vintage Nascar-ish overtones. My biggest problem with this build is not the actual build itself, but the new Ford Mustang GT. My thought is that to build this car will run about 30-35k… the same as a new GT, but with the Mustang all I have to do is turn the key and go, vintage car be damned. Plus, I can track it (especially if it’s equipped with the Brembo brake package) and it’s got a full 3-year warranty. So therein lies my dilemma – old 1968 Plymouth Barracuda or new 2011 Ford Mustang GT. What would you guys do?

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13 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    old for sure, so much more special

  2. David E. says:

    You allready have a classic power house of a hot rod, I would go with the Mustang – turn the key and GO. Spend your time driving instead of busting your knuckles. Enjoy.

  3. Siddharth says:

    Plymouth, build it, will be fun and the end result (if it comes out well) will be satisfying!

  4. James says:

    2011 Ford Mustang GT for sure

  5. BigRuss says:

    Barracuda… not many still riding around now days… plus every other jack off and their mom has the new Mustang…

  6. Canrith says:

    Love the classic iron, but my vote is for the GT. You can do a lot more for the same about of money.

  7. fasteddie_357 says:

    when you get older turn key. but NOW build, and you will stand taller.

  8. Jesse says:

    I’m leaning strongly toward the Barracuda, they both drive about the same and I’ve never been impressed with the Mustang’s ‘comeback’. After the engine transplant, you’ll be in the same ballpark with both, mileage-wise.

    Technically, it’s a coin toss. Personally, the Mustang shouldn’t even be a choice.

  9. ds440 says:

    I guess it would depend on how much tuning you want to do…and how much money you want to spend. My heart says ‘Cuda. My brain says Mustang.

  10. MrAngry says:

    This is a tough one as I know how much fun a well tuned classic can be when done correctly. However, like ds440 said, the heart says ‘Cuda, the brain says Mustang…

  11. Mike,

    I LOVE the classic Iron but you have TWO of the most bad ass Classic Mopars on the planet and a third isn’t needed.

    Step up to a new BOSS Mustang. Sure it will cost a bit more then a GT but you know you would spend more then 30-35k on your build once you start it and the BOSS would put you in an exclusive Mustang that would stand out from the pack and still serve you well as a daily driver.

    BOSS Mustang is what you need here brother.

  12. Wing nut says:

    Follow your heart. You want to blend in, go Mustang. You want style, uniqueness and character, go Mopar.

  13. Mike says:

    I was in a similar situation. Ever since I came home from the hospital in a ’67 Mustang coupe some odd 43 years ago, I’ve loved the 1st two generations of America’s favorite pony car. It didn’t hurt that my first movie (drive in, of course) was to see a Highland green ’68 390 fastback race through the streets of San Francisco, driven by Frank Bullitt, played by the one and only Steve McQueen.

    I wanted to build the ’67 Mustang coupe my Dad had dreamt of and worked so hard to build for my graduation. Only our dreams were crushed when my dad was rear-ended by a drunk driver 6 months before I graduated. I came home from the hospital in another ’67 coupe 18 years earlier.

    I knew it would cost $30-40k to build what my Dad would have approved of. And then it came to me – look into the new 5.0, After reading about it, with the track pack, I knew my Dad would approve. I did the deal on December 30th of last year. After 4 months, I’m still giddy about it, and know my Dad would still approve. I love my Mustang, and pray I can make memories with it with my wife and daughter like my Dad did with me.