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2012 BMW M5 is four door heaven on Earth!

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2012 BMW M5

The BMW M5 is widely considered to be the greatest four-door sports sedan on the planet Earth. It’s elegant, fast and at days end, a helluva’ lot of fun to wring out on your favorite back road. Thus far we’ve seen it powered by an inline-6, a naturally aspirated V8, a V10 and now, in its newest form, a twin-turbo V8 that makes 560 HP and 502 lb-ft. That’s some serious power ladies and gentlemen. The new double-clutch seven speed transmission can be placed in automatic or manual mode and will surely give drivers loads of free-wheeling excitement depending on their mood. Plus the larger fuel tank means they won’t have to stop every 8-minutes for fuel once they finish hooning the crap out of this thing. Chris Harris of EVO Magazine recently took the new M5 out for a spin and came away with the opinion that, not only was this new M5 good, but BMW nailed it.

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    Love it.