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New Bloodhound SSC To Claim Title As Fastest Car In The World

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A collaborative effort between Britain’s Ministry of Defense, various government agencies, and several private corporations, the Bloodhound SSC rocket car is undergoing the preliminary phases of assembly as the future world’s fastest car. Initially proposed in 2006 by Britain’s Minister of Science, Paul Drayson, formal plans to build the car weren’t confirmed until last Thursday during an official announcement by Drayson at the Science Museum in London.

Initial designs plan for the Bloodhound SSC call for the super car to be outfitted with both a Eurofigher jet engine and a “bespoke” hybrid rocket, the latter which will be designed by literal rocket scientist Daniel Jub. If all goes according to plan, the Bloodhound SSC is expected to reach 1,000 mph in an estimated 40 seconds, propelling it past the 766 mph record held by the current fastest car in the world, the Thrust SSC.

Source: The Times

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  1. Then, try to make some research to know what literal rocket scientist Daniel Jub are telling about them. And finally choose literal rocket scientist Daniel Jub wisely.