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New Amish Automobile Revealed!

Posted in Biofuel, Bizarre, General by MrAngry | March 1st, 2010 | 5 Responses |

Now tell me this thing doesn’t look like a futuristic Mini-van. Seriously, I could have totally seen Harrison Ford rocking this thing in the movie Blade Runner with a few child seats in the back. What we have here is a very interesting vehicle that has been designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to train Mr. Ed.

Based out of Istanbul, Turkey, Kurtsystems has developed this training car to remove the human element out of training horses… or camels for that matter. According to the Kurtsystems website the Kurtsystems Car can be used for: “on-track or off-track use suitable for racehorses, trotters, endurance and camel training fully adjustable and controlled speeds from walking pace to galloping at up to 16m/sec (60 km/h). Safe controlled training programs and performance evaluation. Confirm training intensity, with built-in hearth rate monitors. Allows trainers carry out regular fitness tests and comparisons.”

Ok, the wording may be a bit off but hey, they’re from Istanbul so cut them a break.

Now, I have no idea if this sucker is available to the U.S. market but if it is I can tell you that the Amish would be buying these bad boys by the boat load. Just picture little Ezekiel and Jebediah cruising along with Mom & Dad in the families’ standard open-air buggy. Then out of nowhere older brother Amos and his main squeeze Mildred come trotting down to the farm in their new Kurtsystems Car.

They’d obviously be sporting the Amish approved one-horsepower drive train complete with automated reigns and barn busting bumper guards. They’d be new trendsetters in the neighborhood and the talk of the Church.

At least that’s how I envision it anyway. Either way though this thing is pretty cool – hmm… I wonder if I could do a Mr. Angry Edition.

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5 Responses

  1. Not an Idiot says:

    The Amish are unable, by their own rules, to operate vehicles with rubber wheels.

    Of course. That doesn’t mean they can’t own them and hire an ‘English’ to operate it. (This rule is also a loophole – is it acceptable to own and operate a vehicle with caterpillar tracks, as long as they don’t have rubber road protectors).

  2. Auto Movers says:

    That seems like a large unit for a horse to move by itself. I think it is great concept for the residents of the area because they will be able to safely transport their goods. Working as an auto movers I know a bit about how much “horsepower” is needed to move items. No pun intended.

  3. John Book says:

    -1 for mentioning Harrison Ford but failing to mention the movie that actually had relevance here: Witness … you do recall that movie where he went into Amish country right?

  4. JB says:

    Being Amish isn’t just a matter of getting pulled by horses. As the commenter above wrote, there are also restrictions about things like rubber wheels. Also, colour, shape, whether it’s covered or not…and essentially everything else. There is no wiggle room to allow you to pimp out your buggy. A pimped out buggy is no different than a car. You’ll find yourself kicked out of the community rather quickly.

  5. WOW!! i really amazed to see such this!! i have never seen such a kind of automobile ever before nor ever imagined!! hmm i think this will soon be featured in one of the james bond movies lol :P