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2009 Ford F-150 Arrives, Places New Dodge Ram In Full Nelson

Posted in auto industry, Car Photography, Car Reviews, Car Tech, Design, Domestic Review, Ford, Trucks by Corey | September 2nd, 2008 | 5 Responses |
The New 2009 Ford F-150

The New 2009 Ford F-150

Heavily redesigned for ’09, the Ford F-150 is now the truck equivalent of that guy at the gym who can bench press double his body weight, graduated magna cum laude from Yale, and has a hot girlfriend. Undergoing a massive overhaul, the 2009 F-150 is bigger, faster, stronger, and – surprisingly – lighter, putting Ford squarely back on top as king of the pick-up trucks. On a corporate level, the new F-150 also represents Ford finally cashing in that reality check and realizing that knocking down your supporting column isn’t exactly the best business strategy, $4 a gallon for gas or not.

View Specs and Gallery After Jump Known for their power and durability, Ford has re-engineered the F-150 with a fully boxed frame and hydro-formed high strength steel side rails. With a sturdier, lighter chassis, the F-150 now boasts an estimated 1mpg boost in overall fuel efficiency, higher crash test ratings, and a significant increase in max towing and payload capacity. Realizing that 6-cylinders have no place beneath the hood of an F-150, new engine offerings include a 5.4L 3-valve Triton V8, 4.6L 3-valve V8, or a 4.6L 2-valve V8 – nary a V6 in site. Last year’s herd of V8’s averaged 300-hp, 275-hp, and 250-hp respectively, but this year’s body design is supposed to increase those offerings significantly, though official specs have yet to be released.

Externally, the most obvious change is its menacing grin with Ford’s chrome Super Duty grill becoming the new face for the F-150. An exercise in practicality, new retractable tailgate steps make mounting the beast a little less like an Olympic pole vaulting event while the fold-able bed extender has been upgraded from tubular aluminum to a durable plastic composite, making it stronger and more flexible. Overall bed length extends by about a foot, in part to accommodate the extra space taken up by Ford’s new dual bed organizers.  

On the inside, the ’09 F-150 reveals a man whose personal pampering falls somewhere in between “Occasionally Showering” and “Total Manscaping”. The key is moderation, and the F-150’s interior does a perfect job of blending the durability needed on the job site with the comfort and luxurious wanted for date night. Gaining 6-inches of total interior space [effectively become the first pick-up that isn’t bullshitting when it says it can seat 4 adult men comfortably], the plastic and aluminum interior has been upgraded in favor of leather and wood-grain [or DuraTec and wood-grain “finish”, if the first choice is a little too frou-frou for you].

2009 Ford F-150 Platinum

2009 Ford F-150 Platinum

After several nasty, public break-ups between Ford and F-series, the ensuing steamy makeup session that bought the F-150 all its shiny new baubles also yielded another little miracle for 2009, a big bundle of Platinum joy. Set to replace the Lincoln Mark LT luxury pick-up, the 2009 Ford F-150 Platinum pick-up has all the rugged capability of its siblings as well as more bling than a gangster rap posse. Lauded by some of the more “sensitive” auto bloggers as an egregiously masculine, laughably compensatory truck, the F-150 Platinum comes standard with a Triton V8, satin chrome grill, and a tuxedo-stitched leather interior.

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5 Responses

  1. Will Toby Keith, leaning on a big ass truck that only contractors and farmers really need, convince people to continue to use pick-‘em-up-trucks as personal fashion statements? That’s the question that Ford is gambling will be answered with a resounding “Yes, we can!”

    Somehow, I don’t think that’s quite what Henry Ford had in mind when he had one of his people configure a Ford model “T” roadster with a pickup bed behind it the main body; to help farmers, such as he himself once was.

    The rest of us might be wondering when “the change that we need” in the automotive realm will indeed occur.

  2. Tom Henderson says:

    The way RELIABLE CHEVROLET in ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO treated me when I shopped the “You Pay What We Pay” line of hype was an INSULT! I WAS searching out a Silverado (NOT NOW – I’M WAITING FOR THE 2009 F-150 FORK IN ‘BLUE FLAME”!


  3. Looks like quite the truck, although that front end has just improved on the Dodge Ram look – fill the guys rear view mirror. My only concern is whether or not the quality has really gone into this product. They have cut some out to save money and increase fuel economy. So far, Ford has built a truck which has a leaky front window that fries electronics, blows spark plugs (5.4 lt engine) and burns it self up. For more visit http://oakvillehomes.wordpress.com/

  4. John Oakland says:

    Yes, but wha’s the quality like.. see http://fordf150news.wordpress.com/ for the true story on how Ford treats their customers

  5. Matthew says:

    To all those who doubt the quality behind ford i ensure you if you properly maintain your ford it will take care of you. i have been an automotive tech for over ten years now and have always driven fords. although i dont belive in the rivelry between the big three because every company has its problems if they had the perfect car we would never have to buy a new one. what i dont appreciate is the bashing of ford. they make a reliable dependable product that will last a life time if you maintain your vehicle properly. so if you could please hold your tounge because none of us want to hear you complain. thank you very much and have a great day.