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Neptune MM2 Micro Submersible: Under Sea Hotness.

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Neptune MM2 Micro Submersible

Tell me that if you had this thing you wouldn’t just go around saying that you could kick James Bond’s ass. I totally would because let’s be honest, this sucker is pure hotness. I’m not a water guy per say, but if I had this I’d be diving with the fishes on a daily basis. The Neptune MM2 two-seater sport micro submersible was designed to have a completely dry sealed cabin (good idea in a submarine), a powerful oxygen refill system with CO2 scrubbing (I don’t know what that is), and a nose probe that’s used to guide dive and rise action. It’s also got large multi-axis thruster power and can hit speeds of 12 knots under water – that’s right… SUCK IT JAMES BOND! Now odds are you’re not going to be out running any dolphins with this thing, but by the looks of the renderings this baby is equipped with front mounted F.U. missiles (take that Flipper). Granted what your are seeing here is just a rendering, but seriously, if this baby ever hits the market I may just have to put a few cars up for sale.

Source: Tuvie

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