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Need more M3 in your diet? Videos of the 2008 BMW M3

Posted in BMW, Cars, General by will bee | July 17th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

For those who cannot get enough of the upcoming 2008 BMW M3 there are some recently released extensive videos available for the drooling. Since the 90’s BMW has maintained a reputation as tops amongst its few peers in the luxury sport coupe class. From their premium factories to their premium products there really is not much in the way of negatives that can be said about BMW’s M-class unless you want to talk about their premium price. The cost of admission aside the new 2008 BMW M3 should certainly be anything but a disappointing ride.

Autospies.com was fortunate to get this special glimpse inside a new M3 in Spain. Sit back and enjoy this long, loving inspection.

Despite Agent 001’s approval of the “more masculine” lines on the M3 coupe in comparison to the new 3-Series sedan, the new model seems a bit softer in appearance next to the sharper lines of the previous models. However there can be very few complaints about the fit and finish of the interior space of the M3 (excluding the Europeans lack of a cup-holder. How would you shift with your coffee between your legs?). If the exterior and interior views of the new BMW M3 get you excited then this next video should cap off the experience just right. Take a look as they take this ride out on the winding roads of Spain. I believe this is what you came for.

For those of you looking to fit a new M3 in your garage the above videos should give you yet a little more incentive to inquire about a waiting list. For the rest of those who just enjoy good design and some aggressive sport luxury, you will just have to settle for a Need for Speed Carbon test drive to get just a feel for it.

Thanks to Autospies for those videos.

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