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Need for Speed: The Run

Posted in Best of, Games, General, Video Games by MrAngry | July 16th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

Need for Speed: The Run

If you’re a fan of movies like the Cannonball Run or The Gumball Rally, then you’ll no doubt be stoked that the guys over at Electronic Arts have developed something just for you. You see they’ve not only taken the best parts of road rallying and put it in a gaming form, but they’ve also thrown in a little Grand Theft Auto for good measure. In Need for Speed: The Run, you play Jack, a guy whose run-in with the mob has forced to make a mad dash across the country and take part in an outlaw road race that will either help him or spell his doom. The game does not possess open world environments but it does incorporate new elements, as you are now able to leave your vehicle at certain points during game play. From the looks of it Need for Speed: The Run, promises to give gamers a new twist on an old franchise. Need for Speed: The Run, is due out this November.

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2 Responses

  1. Djrosa says:

    i see one BIG problem with this game and that is that the on foot stuff is only QTE (quicktime events) where you bash buttons as they come up on the screen sorta like guitarhero for carbuffs. but the whole concept about driving across america is titilating but id much prefer it if the gameplay was like forza 3 or atleast PGR4 since i dont like the newer NFS games and with that i mean any nfs games after NFS hot pursuit 2

  2. BigRuss says:

    i noticed some graphical issues….. the cop car was hit a few times with rounds from the Helo and no bullet holes…..